BETA Verein


18,. 19,. 20.09.2020 19:00

K - Stadtgrün Bern (in den Gewächshäuser der Stadtgärtnerei Bern) Elfenau, 3006 Bern


NEED is a dance piece inspired by the poem 'Declaration of Need' by British poet, John Hegley. It explores contrasting needs in relationships. John Hegley’s irreverent humour and surprising rhymes and rhythms make his poetry a wonderful departure point from which to choreograph. Responding to a mix of the poem's rhythm and its semantics, 6 performers use text as the starting point of their collective journey.

Performers: Catherine Jaeger, Lisa Lareida, Estaban Mayordormo, Petr Nedbal, Thamara Stampbach & Sridar Paramalingam.

Music: Jonathan 'CM' Bolliger

Film: Nicole Pfister

Date: 18/19/20 September

Venue: Gewächshäuser, Elfenau, Stadtgrun Bern

Time: 19:00h (please note, NEED is performed after 3 other pieces; Projekt Fatale, Lisa Lareida and 5elefants tanzkollektiv).


NEWS: Due to Friday and Saturday evening being sold out, there will be an additional daytime performance on Saturday 19.9.20 at 11:30.


Parking: Take tram 7, or there is a limited amount of parking at the venue. 


Ticket prices: CHF18/28/38.

For bookings:

Advanced booking is essential during the Corona phase.

Audience members are required to wear facemasks. Please bring one with you.


Additional information: On 18 & 19 September, Vanessa Cook's piece 'Bünzli' will also be performed after NEED in Gewächshäuser, Elfenau.


Bünzli is about having control and losing it. It is about how seriously we sometimes take ourselves and the absurdity of being so serious about fine details. It addresses moments when humour involuntarily cracks the surface of a serious situation. Bünzli celebrates such moments, enjoying the fact that no one, not even the Bundespräsident, is immune to them.  Bünzli is choreographed to the detailed rhythms of spoken word; both German and French.   





With thanks to Stadt Bern, Kultur Kanton Bern, Burgergemeinde Bern, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Gesellschaft zu Ober-Gerwern, Migros Kulturprozent and GVB for their kind support of NEED.

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