Are you performing at the BETA Stage 2019?

NO= maybe apply next year!

YES= read further

Do you need a rehearsal space?

YES= send us an email and we will give you access to the Calendar for PROGR Atelier 313. There you will be able to see when the studio is available and to book it directly!

Studio availability:  1.1.2019 - 10.2.2019

NO= read further

You already booked a rehearsal space and you are wandering how will you pay for it?

BETA can help!

BETA - with the help of the Stadt Bern - can support every production in the BETA Stage 2019, with a Rehearsal-Space-Gutschein of CHF 200.- (per production!)

How do I get my Rehearsal-space-Gutschein?

Few easy steps to get your Gutschein:

1. Be part of the BETA Stage Program

2. Fill out this Form

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What if the Rechnung of my studio is more then 200.-?

Send us the full Rechnung anyways, BETA will then cover only 200.- of it

What if I don't have a Rechnung from a studio?

A confirmation of the booking, with the rental costs and the address of the studio will do just fine

Are stage rehearsals included in the Gutschein?

Yes, any kind of rehearsal that you'll need for the piece you are performing at the BETA Stage 2019

Can I file in a Rechnung from a research period that will not be performed at the BETA Stage 2019?

No, this Gutschein is only valid for the productions that will perform at the BETA Stage 2019