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11./12. September 19:00-20:00 

L - Tanzkunstwerk, Vidmarhallen - Raum Nr. 119 (1. Stock) Website

Becoming Animal wishes to bring more awareness to the nature within us. The dance piece raises questions like: How can we as human beings be in touch with our senses? How can we find compassion and resonance with the animal kingdom and nature in general? This piece tries to portrait the beauty of coming closer to the animal experience.The performers share their personal processes of what it means to become a human animal. This performance is a fusion of movement, masks, sound and poetry.


Performers: Camille Mariéthoz, Irina Anna Bürgi, Noah Harharah, Ralf Assmann

Dauer: 60 min

Zuschauerzahl: 25 Personen

Venue: TanzKunstWerk, VIDMaRhallen 1.Stock, Raum 119, Könizstrasse 161, 3097 Liebefeld,

Ausgleich: Kollekte mit Richtpreis von 25.-Fr