19. März 18:00

20. März 17:00

Tanz- und Theatreschule Burgdorf

(Doppelvorstellung mit Nina Richard & Michèle Benz)

Duration: 20 min

Type: Work in Progress

Company: kollektiv konstant*labil

Performers: Dinu Corminboef, Lou Steiger

The piece " Pointe, Chair, Chaud. Par-dessus, du sel" is a dance-theater-circus duo. The subject treated is that of the relations between individuals, with an accent on the relationship between men and women. The choreography takes advantage of these two bodies to illustrate, with a powerful and raw line, the joys and pains that a relationship can create in a heteronormative couple.
The symbol or better the physical form on stage of a romantic relationship is in the major cases the “Pas de Deux”. Until today it is often the man who lifts the woman while the woman executes beautiful forms. Our physical research starts with the classical “Pas de deux”. How could it look widening our view on the diversity of romantic relationships?
How does the man character face a dominant femininity? Until where the womanhood domination has to go to earn the respect she needs?
Which forms can take the pression we put onto the other and what are the reasons for it?
Is it possible to get out of a destructive fight over power to finally reach a harmonious and equal relationship?
These are the questions that inspire the Acrobat Dinu Corminboef and the dancer Lou Steiger, both graduates from the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Physical Theatre.