L'EPHEMERE - shooting stars

19.03.2022 19:00

20.03.2022 16.00

Alte Schreinerei

(Im Rahmen von TANZ IN DER SCHREINEREI: mit Tanzplatz Vorbern und Akar Werkstatt)

Do shooting stars make a wish as they burn in the sky? In this piece we try to give an answer to this question, and to find what are the specific wishes that can be granted between two blinks of an eye. But most importantly, how to find and be sure of what are our biggest wishes when we only have such a short time to decide.

l’éphémère is an ever flowing Bernese collective of dancers, musicians, and thinkers. We try to introduce and to give tentative answers to questions we find inspiring, by using the tools of instant composition in public and unconventional spaces.

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