RUN - Myriam Enters, Clara von Arx, Kristina Wirth 

Do 14.03.2019 19:30

Fr 15.03.2019 20:00

Theater Szene Bern, Rosenweg 36, 3007 Bern

Shared evening with Meret Rufener/Myriam Enters, and Annemarie Kaufmann/Laura Schuler



Myriam Enters, Clara von Arx, Kristina Wirth  


Three pillars define the space. What remains the connection? 

Shaped by them, stuck in something. Running after what? 

It’s a play with timing, action and no action. Mirroring our relations. 


Myriam, Clara and Kristina finished the school for Dance, Improvisation and Performance in Freiburg in July 2018. All three grew up around Bern and Solothurn and are now based in Bern.