Let vent qui passe... / A stranger's abstract diary - César Sangrador Dance Project

So 31.03,2019

13:00 - 17:00 - 19:00


Let vent qui passe... 


This is meant to be a modes eulogy to Alfons Mucha’s lithographic work with the same name, and it can be defined as “a verse danced in to the wind”, an artful and almost joyful introspective into the ephemerality of human life.  

The concept was originally created with the advanced contemporary dance group from the Tanzplatz vor Bern as a participant to the “ Natürlich “ showcase and it has two honored guests:  

Gudrun Blum* and Dorin Dragos**. 


*Dancer,choreographer and specialist in dance pedagogy.  


**Renown actor with enormous theatrical repertoire, as well as cinematographic, with prestigious awards and nominations.  

Here are just a few: 


>Saloperie de pruneaux (2012) 


>La femme et le TGV(2016) 



A stranger’s abstract diary.  


The piece is thought as an open letter to imagination . It invites the discovery of the hidden inner life of a character with unknown origins and unpredictable destiny.  

The experimentation of sensation, gesture and movement gives birth to the chance of getting up close and personal with this odd creature juggling between uncertainties, decisions and actions.  

It should create the perception of someone confronted with an endless river of contra points, dangers, falling and rising, as well as with a sinuous and unexplored road ahead.  

The character presents himself to observation in a sterile, almost scientific way. As the plot advances, closer we come to the magnifying glass, to the point of discovering all of his being and most of his darkest secrets.