Am 4. April 2016 fand die ordentliche Gründungsversammlung von BETA, Verein Berner Tanzschaffende, in Bern statt. BETA setzt sich ein für die Vernetzung der Tanzszene, ermöglicht den Austausch innerhalb der lokalen freien Szene, pflegt den Kontakt mit regionalen sowie nationalen Organisationen und engagiert sich in der Kulturpolitik.

BETA setzt sich ein für die gemeinsamen Interessen der Berner Tanzschaffenden und strebt eine Verbesserung der Rahmenbedingungen für die freie Tanzszene an. Der Verein umfasst mehrere Arbeitsgruppen, welche ab sofort ihre Tätigkeiten aufnehmen.

BETA ist der neue Ansprechspartner für alle übergreifende Belange der Berner


BETA – The Association of Dance Artists from Bern was founded in April 2016 with the goal to contribute to the development of a sustainable cultural vision for the city and the canton of Bern and to improve the funding and working conditions for freelance dance artist and independent dance companies. 

BETA defines ‘dance’ deliberately as a broad range of body and movement-based performance practices. The BETA membership consists of diverse artists working choreographically, performative and pedagogically in the wider Bern area.


Festival BETA Stage - Mehr Tanz, mehr Raum (More dance, more space) Initiated and led by BETA the festival showcased and celebrated the independent dance scene in Bern over a period of six weeks 25.01.18 – 04.03.18. Next instalment March 2019. 

BETA is a founding member of the association ‘Tanzfest Bern’, successfully relaunching the Tanzfest in Bern in connection with the annual, national event led by RESO, May 2018. 


BETA in conversation with the city and canton of Bern 

BETA is establishing itself as the go-to partner representing the independent dance scene vis-à-vis the city and cantonal cultural offices and public funding bodies. 



BETA engages with partners and organisation on local, cantonal and national level including: Dampfzentrale, ACT, RESO, Konzert Theater Bern, Tandem with a Politician etc. 


Monthly Board and Membership Meetings

BETA Website: https://www.be-ta.ch

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/betavereinbernertanzschaffende/

BETA Newsletter is published monthly, exclusively for BETA members.

Beta Email: beta.kontakt@gmail.com 


BETA invites all interested dance artists from the city and region of Bern to be part of this engaged network and exchange. Join BETA with an annual membership for CHF 80. BETA members also receive a reduced membership fee for Danse Suisse, the national, professional dance association.