Mehr Tanz.Mehr Raum


BETA - Verein Berner Tanzschaffende is happy to present the fourth edition of the BETA Stage Festival!

BETA Stage is one of the few non-curated Festivals in Switzerland.

It was created to support and promote the work of all BETA members


Application Guidelines:

BETA members: You need to be a member of BETA at the moment if registration and has to be valid through the festival. Memberships are due in January!! Here is the link to payment

Non-members living in Switzerland: minimum 1 member of your creative team (choreographer and/or dancers) needs to become a member. The payment needs to be done at the moment of registration and has to be valid through the festival.

Non-members living abroad: You can apply with the same rules as above, but you also need to show your commitment to the association and to the Bernese scene. Please send a description on how you plan to connect to the scene at festivalbeta@gmail.com
Each application will be considered individually by the festival organisers.

  • BETA Stage is not curated: everybody is welcome (Professionals, pre-professionals, beginners, any dance style, any performance type)

  • Participants have to find their own performance location: contact locations/deal renting conditions/reserve dates

  • Participants have to arrange their own technical requirements: BETA stage does not provide any kind of technical support (e.a. technician, lighting, floor,...)

  • Participants have to find financial support by themselves: BETA Stage does not pay any performance/creation fee and cannot help with covering expenses

  • Participants need to boost their own public: BETA Stage offers flyers/posters and media advertisement, participants are invited to use the given material to reach a greater public.

  • Performances are not limited in duration, but the lenght of the piece needs to be clearly stated in the application.

  • The entire ticket income goes directly to the artists.